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Non-Residential Rebates

Rebates are available for purchase of the following Qualifying Devices when funding is available. The Rebate amount may not exceed the actual cost of the Qualifying Device. Specific terms and conditions apply.

Select the type of rebate from the list below to see if the device or appliance you are considering purchasing will qualify for a rebate.  Additional information about commercial water savings from these devices can be found under the links page on

Ultra High Efficiency Toilet                                            $   150

Pint Urinal                                                                     $   250

Zero Water Consumption (Waterless) Urinal                  $   250

Water Broom                                                                 $   150

Cooling Tower Conductivity Controller                         $  1,000

Non-Residential Graywater Systems will be considered on a case-by-case basis by MPWMD

X-ray film processor recirculation  system                                                                  $   2,500

Cooling Tower pH/Conductivity Controller           $   2,500

Dry Vacuum Pumps per 0.05 HP to a limit of 4 HP                                                                        $   200

High Efficiency Connectionless Food Steamer per compartment                                                          $  1,500

Water Efficient Commercial Dishwasher

Under counter model                                               $   1,000

Single tank door type model                                     $  1,500

Single tank conveyor                                               $  2,000

Multi-tank conveyor                                                 $  2,500

Medical equipment steam sterilizer retrofit with a water tempering device                                                                    $   1,500

Water Efficient Commercial Steam or 'Combi' Oven    $  2,500

Commercial Ozone Laundry System                               $  1,000

Commercial Waterless Wok Stove                                  $  5,000

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