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NEW: Lawn Replacement projects must be completed by the beginning of Dec. to receive payment of Rebate.


NEW: Rebates for Stormwater Retention
- Cisterns, run-off redirect, rain harvesting, and turf replacement


Appliance Recycling, PDF  

Rebate Program
As of Jan 1, 2014, some Commercial Rebates have ended. The Residential Rebate Program remains in effect. See the Rebates page for current incentives.

Stage 1 Water Conservation is in Effect
The Peninsula is now operating under Stage 1 of the Expanded Conservation Plan. Learn More »

Rainfall Status &
Regulatory Compliance Status
Rainfall during July 2014 totaled 0.0 inches, which is 49% of the long-term average. Learn More »

Check for hidden leaks
Think you may have a hidden leak? Read the house water meter before and after a two-hour period when no water is being used. If the meter does not read exactly the same, there is a leak. Call a plumber as soon as possible to fix it.

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Profile Super-Saver
~ Monterey Bay Area Green Business Program
~ Precision Nails
Learn More »


Sept 20th, Rainwater and Greywater Class! Click here for more information

Materials from the Greywater Laundry to Landscape Class, PDF

In-School Education                     Water Awareness Month               Learn More »

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